Seeing the path to an abundant and sustainable future requires a bird's-eye view. The GreenSight platform enables unparalleled insight and oversight for healthier yields.

Use cases

The GS platform for agriculture transforms drone imagery into actionable intelligence. It combines our industry leading flight time drones with custom developed sensors and machine learning based image processing techniques. We provide the drone industry’s only fully turnkey “drone in a box” system, remotely managing the drones and empowering customers to fully realize their benefits with minimal effort. The GS platform has been used at over 400 customer sites in over 10 countries, gathering over 12,000 flights and 3 million acres worth of data.


Don’t settle for low resolution satellite images or few times a season airplane surveys. With GreenSight, up to twice daily drone flights monitor your vines all the way from bud break to harvest to help you stay ahead of vine health and fertility issues, and produce better yields than ever before.


With full service drone logistics and flight planning assistance, GreenSight can remotely survey thousands of acres of conventional crops weekly. Identify areas of underperforming crops from the convenience of a computer screen, take corrective action sooner and drive profit margins higher with GreenSight drone imagery.


Optimize your controlled indoor growing environment with our easy to install wireless Soil Scout sensors. Soil Scout sensors provide soil moisture, temperature, and salinity data every 20 minutes, for up to 20 years to help you better manage your inputs and better control your subsurface environment.


With daily actionable plant health information and soil condition information from the GS platform you can optimize planting times and become more sustainable by saving money on irrigation, plant protectant, and nutrition inputs, adding both vigor and flavor to your specialty crops.

Innovative Solutions

USDA Vineyard R&D

Through a USDA-NCRS Conservation Innovation Grant for the state of Rhode Island, GreenSight, in partnership with two of Rhode Island’s premier vineyards, is developing best practices to apply drone remote sensing data and artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights for viticulturists. By leveraging our drone intelligence platform to reduce vineyard water consumption, identify pests, and precisely apply agricultural chemicals, the project will quantify these results, assessing the measurable benefits to the state of Rhode Island environment and the vineyard industry as a whole.

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