A collection of robotic hardware, software and cloud products that enable users to rapidly progress from concept, to prototype, to operational system.

Robotic hardware and swarm systems

GreenSight develops and manufactures catalog and fully custom robotic vehicles to help our customers achieve their missions. We sell existing designs directly for customers to deploy for their applications, as well as design and manufacture fully custom units.

Fixed wing
Ground Vehicles
Robotic Arms

Robotic controllers
and sensors hardware

An expanding collection of modern hardware components is required to realize our customer’s robotic solutions. Each component comes with the necessary software support in the platform to enable rapid integration. The focus is to provide hardware that accelerates customers through integration challenges and fills gaps in market availability.

UltraBlue avionics
Payload cameras
Integrated mission computers
Radios and modems
Custom flight batteries
Autonomy sensors

Fleet management, logistics, infrastructure, and connectivity

Building and scaling infrastructure to support robotics is challenging. GreenSight understands these challenges, having deployed hundreds of robots into challenging remote locations worldwide since 2015. We provide a layer between existing enterprise cloud services and customer hardware to facilitate solving challenges like security, connectivity, configuration management, tracking and remote mission planning. We’ve integrated these services into customized user interfaces, on top of our API.

Data aggregation, storage, processing and visualization

GreenSight’s core services exist to build robotic data powered systems. These systems operate seamlessly between the Edge, Fog and Cloud through the use of robot-specific data transmission, aggregation and storage services. Our systems are structured to function even under interrupted connectivity, enabling ingestion, processing and delivery of intelligence and sensor data from robotic systems all over the world. We specialize in combined systems that tie data intelligence with automated reporting and actionable control.

Image processing tools and pipelines
Sensor data analytics
GeoLake for massive imagery and video datasets
Enterprise business intelligence
Geospatial intelligence toolset
Robotic simulation systems

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