GreenSight Awarded NASA Phase II SBIR for Novel Sense and Avoid

April 15, 2022

GreenSight's Phase II SBIR award from NASA to help prepare its Automated Decision Support System for Sense and Avoid (ADeSSSA) for commercialization.

Boston, MA, Mar 19, 2022- GreenSight, Inc. is proud to announce a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award from NASA to help prepare its Automated DEcision Support System for Sense and Avoid (ADeSSSA) for commercialization. The ADeSSSA approach transforms visual, acoustic, and RF data into a probabilistic model of imminent contact and subsequent collision free path planning for avoidance. This Sense and Avoid capability is paving the way to Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight (BVLOS) operation for SUAS, greatly expanding the utility of these platforms across the industry.

ADeSSSA’s objective is to equip sUAS with an advanced ability to sense and avoid aerial collision risks. This could fill a need for UAS operators (including NASA and other US federal agencies) seeking to conduct advanced flight operations in mixed airspace. ADeSSSA could enable advanced regulatory waivers in a number of adjacent industries seeking to grow the UAS service sector by enabling autonomous sensing of aerial hazards during BVLOS flights. ADeSSSA could also address NASA’s interests in mixed airspace integration, Air-to-Air Mobility and Urban Airspace Mobility applications. By combining visual, acoustic, and RF (ADS-B) modes of sensing in a modular package, ADeSSSA takes advantage of the sophisticated sensors of today, and could also integrate the advanced sensors of tomorrow. More importantly, ADeSSSA leverages low-Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaPC) components, making it an ideal bolt-on product to retrofit existing sUASs that don’t have sense and avoid capabilities.

After a successful Phase I effort demonstrating the ability of fusing visual and acoustic signals into a single probabilistic estimate of aircraft detection, Phase II will focus on bringing in localization and productization into a modular, extensible product for use on commodity SUAS.

Drones avoiding firefighting aviation traffic.

About GreenSight Inc. GreenSight’s industry-leading technology is developed and supported by a team with extensive backgrounds in robotics, autonomous vehicles, spacecraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs/drones), advanced communications and other forms of aerospace development as well as agriculture and land management.The GreenSight team has years of experience working with government offices and regulatory bodies both in the US and internationally. GreenSight’s automated drone based intelligence system operates daily over golf courses, farms and other facilities all over the world. GreenSight is a developer and manufacturer of drones, payloads and related components that integrate with its robotics platform. The company has more than a dozen Part 107 licensed drone operators on staff to support a variety of flight operations. For more information on GreenSight or ADeSSSA please contact


James Peverill

Chief Executive Officer

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