GreenSight Awarded Navy ADAPT Contract For Disposable Unmanned Cargo Delivery Aircraft

September 28, 2020

GreenSight to develop the world’s first disposable small package delivery aircraft.

GreenSight was officially awarded an SBIR contract under the US Navy ADAPT program to develop the world’s first disposable small package delivery aircraft. Leveraging GreenSight’s avionics and flight control technology, the company is able to develop a reliable low cost delivery aircraft with an eventual retail price of under $200/unit. Based on the company’s leading flight time Dreamer aircraft, the low cost quadrotor aircraft is able to deliver a 1kg package a distance of up to 10 miles.

GreenSight OWL carrying water bottles

Beyond reducing the cost, the project is focused on ensuring supply chain security in the event of natural disasters or global conflicts. The aircraft is designed to be produced with solely US sourced components if needed, with built in supply chain flexibility in mind and substitute components preselected across the bill of materials. The system is designed to be produced in mass quantities with short lead time even in the event of supply chain challenges.

The project builds on GreenSight’s existing low cost flight control hardware and software. One product of the project is a universal autopilot across GreenSight’s aircraft product portfolio. This system can accommodate Nvidia’s Jetson Xavier NX or Jetson Nano line of embedded computers for applications that require high performance onboard processing for autonomous navigation or data/image processing at the edge. This autopilot will be announced as a standalone product later in the year, and will be fully compliant with the NDAA and DoD Section 848 guidelines for domestic manufacturing which makes it ideal for federal or military applications.

GreenSight envisions multiple commercial applications for the system including defending against drone swarms (counter UAS or CUAS), as well as delivering medical or other emergency supplies during natural disasters.

GreenSight is a premier developer of unmanned aircraft and other robotic technologies. The company’s automated drone intelligence platform has been used at over 250 customer locations, conducting over 8500 flights and gathering over 2 million acres of valuable intelligence data for farms, golf courses and industrial and military facilities.


Andrew Delollis

VP Engineering

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