GreenSight Introduces SAEPIO – Secure Computing Stack for High Assurance Systems

September 21, 2020

Saepio is a secure computing stack designed to enhance the cybersecurity and autonomy of high assurance networked systems.

GreenSight is pleased to announce Saepio, a secure computing stack designed to enhance the cybersecurity and autonomy of high assurance networked systems. The project is uniquely focused on enhancing the security of groups of robots operating as a team. GreenSight has been awarded a 2 year contract from DARPA’s Strategic Technology Office to develop the technology under the “Distributed, Secure, and Trusted Processing for Heterogeneous Swarms of Autonomous Vehicles” SBIR solicitation. As prime contractor, GreenSight is leading the team with C-3 Communications LLC, University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute, CSIRO’s Data61 supporting. The platform is targeted at applications in military and commercial robotic swarms, self driving vehicles and other high reliability systems like spacecraft.

Cybersecurity of autonomous systems, particularly in groups, is a major emerging challenge that is currently inhibiting the growth of these technologies in commercial and military applications. Future autonomous systems must increasingly collaborate and share data to serve their purpose, while under escalating security pressures. Multiple government agencies have identified cybersecurity as one of the biggest threats facing the adoption of robotics technologies for mission critical applications. “GreenSight is incredibly excited to have the opportunity to work with DARPA to develop Saepio and enable new secure distributed robotics applications. Saepio enhances the capabilities of our existing portfolio of robotics products as well as being a product of its own.” said James Peverill, GreenSight’s CEO and Cofounder.

Saepio combines a proprietary secure mesh communications system, a novel distributed NDN-based encrypted database and a domain specific language designed for collaborative robotic control, all running on the formally verified microkernel real time operating system seL4. Saepio is the first system of its kind to be focused specifically on distributed robotic collaboration and the unique cybersecurity challenges inherent with such systems. Swarm and other distributed systems operate with a high level of trust between systems and with traditional architectures there is a risk that a single node can compromise the whole system. Saepio increases the security of individual nodes and also enables compromised nodes to be detected and rejected. Although the system is targeted at a variety of different hardware platforms, the initial development will focus on multicore ARM CPU architectures such as Nvidia’s Tegra line of CPU’s. Future work will explore porting the architecture to x86 and emerging RISC-V microarchitectures.

The 24 month development program will culminate in a humanitarian disaster rescue demonstration in 2021 incorporating a swarm of GreenSight’s Dreamer unmanned aircraft locating disaster survivors and facilitating rescue operations while resisting continuous cyberattacks from hostile forces.

GreenSight is in discussions with multiple potential commercial transition partners but welcomes inquiries from additional interested partners in government, defense and industrial sectors. In addition to incorporating Saepio into its existing products, GreenSight intends to sell Saepio reference platforms based on its existing small unmanned aircraft, as well as support the integration of Saepio into other high assurance systems.

GreenSight is a US developer and manufacturer of cutting edge unmanned aerial vehicles and associated technologies. The company maintains one of the worlds largest fleets of fully automated drones which fly daily over golf courses, farms and other facilities throughout North America, Europe and Japan. GreenSight has developed a unique intelligence platform combining a class leading flight time custom drone, patented camera sensors and machine learning powered image analytics. Over 8000 flights have been conducted at over 250 unique customer locations. GreenSight has conducted successful projects for dozens of large technology and aerospace companies, startups as well as multiple branches of the US DoD.

C-3 Comm Systems is a technology startup based in Washington DC. C-3 offers software products, system solutions and consulting services for secured context-aware end-to-end data delivery over heterogeneous wireless networks. C-3 combines sophisticated wireless networks, hybrid embedded computing systems, advanced signal processing and learning to meet customers’ need of reliable awareness, assured security, and real-time execution. By improving the reliability and reducing the latency simultaneously, C-3’s unique solutions and products enable customers to make informed decisions and achieve mission success in a variety of challenging environments. C-3’s customers include DoD agencies, international aerospace giants, leading US universities, and commercial companies.

For inquiries about Saepio and other GreenSight technologies please contact


James Peverill

Chief Executive Officer

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