Greensight Successfully Demonstrates Cyber-Secure Infrastructure for Swarm Robotic Systems

April 21, 2021

GreenSight successfully demonstrated SAEPIO, a Cyber-secure swarm UAS solution being developed under the DARPA STO HASHTAG SBIR Program.

On March 17th, 2021, GreenSight successfully demonstrated SAEPIO, a Cyber-secure swarm UAS solution being developed under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Strategic Technology Office (DARPA STO) HASHTAG SBIR program. The laboratory demonstration showed multiple SAEPIO UAS nodes collaboratively executing a search and reconnaissance mission while securely sharing data across the swarm. The demonstration highlighted the ability of the swarm to recover from intermittent communications and potential lost or disabled nodes.

The DARPA HASHTAG program is executing via a $2.9 million Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contract (140D0420C0054). As prime contractor, GreenSight is leading the team with C-3 Communications LLC and University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute. The HASHTAG program is creating a secure computing and communications stack which addresses the special security issues which result from distributed swarms of heterogeneous connected UxS systems. Distributed swarms are unique in that each node is directly impacted through data, commands and actions received from other members of the swarm. Security is of particular concern in a swarm as members can be compromised or malicious systems can masquerade as members of the swarm. GreenSight’s SAEPIO is designed to solve the unique security concerns around this application, enhancing swarm capabilities and enabling breakthrough warfighter capabilities. SAEPIO brings the cybersecure formally verified seL4© OS kernel and COMBAT Mesh Radio together with advanced data dissemination, image processing and swarm control applications. Greensight plans to begin flying SAEPIO on our industry leading Dreamer UAS in 2021.

GreenSight is a technology company building automated SUAS-as-a-Service products, SUAS airframes, components and supporting technologies for commercial and military markets. Founded in 2015, the company is headquartered in Boston, MA with a dedicated team of over 40 UxS specialists. Greensight is a leader in the sUAS market with 300+ VTOL UAS deployed ranging from 100g to 100kg and over 9,000 successful remotely operated flights executed in six countries. Greensight is currently developing a spectrum of NDAA/EO13981 compliant UAS, avionics and payload products with SAEPIO option for cyber critical systems backed by a history of commercial UAS global deployment.


Andrew Delollis

VP Engineering

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